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What Can We Do for You in Taobao Buying is a subsidiary of Alibaba in China. Currently, it is the China’s largest online retail platform, and become part of the Chinese lives. is based in China just like Amazon is in America, with full of all different products at very good price. There is a saying that “omnipotent taobao”.

Buying from must be difficult for you if you aren’t fluent in Chinese, because Taobao have no English. It is very inconvenient to rely on translator software, sometimes translated information is not accurate. And another reason is that shipping, international shipping charges will be high if you buy products from in your country. It is for these reasons that most buyers go for the agents to help them through the whole buying process. You may also want to consider getting one if you want to purchase retail products from these leading online shopping retailers in China.

We have 10 years of experience in purchasing and very familiar with We have served thousands of foreign Taobao buyers and provide 5-star service to our customers from all over the world. We can provide you with Taobao purchasing services. Here are the procedure steps as below.

First you just submit Taobao’s product link to us or you just send us your product picture or tell us what you want to buy. Then we will search products from and confirm details with you, like detailed specification, quality, designs, prices, and quantities. After confirming details, we will let you know the total amount of products and shipping freight. Then you pay total amount of your products with shipping freight to us. Then we will place orders from Taobao depends on your requirements. When we receive your products from Taobao, we will arrange inspection and feedback you with report and photos. If you confirm everything, the products will be bundle packed (if needed) and shipped to your address. After that, we will let you know the tracking number after shipment.

We provide the best services to all of our customers (one-to-one service). After receiving your requirements, we will quote and reply to you within 24 hours. The services we can provide for you including: Shopping, Inspection before shipment, Bundling your goods together, Free Warehouse storage, Cheapest Shipping and free consulting services. We help you to purchase from We will check all of your products carefully before shipment. We can bundle all products together into one box to save your cost of shipping. We provide 7 Days free storage for your multi goods. Deliver your goods to your address on time and in the best shipping ways. We also offer Free Consulting Services if you need any helps about China Shopping.

We are here to offer you best services, make your 100% satisfaction. And we will choose products and compare goods quality, we will buy for you at affordable price, let you save more money. We always aim to make you easy buy from China.