Your Purchasing Partner in China


How to Choose a Good Purchasing Agent in China


It is difficult for overseas buyers to choose a good purchasing agent in China. A good agent located in China help discover reliable suppliers, help accelerate the business and help to reduce hidden costs by cooperating with suppliers and performing an appropriate statistical survey for the business. They can function as your own “office of purchases, assistants and eyes” in China.

When searching for a China Purchasing agent, trust and confidentiality are the key influencers. Reliability covers the following factors:

Quality and price – All the products purchased should be good quality at a reasonable prices. A reliable purchasing agent will make well quality control and negotiate the best price for you.

Good research & analysis of products – A good Agent normally have a general understanding of industry information and they are also glad to provide genuine information when you need it.

With so many purchasing agencies in China, it requires a comprehensive consideration when choosing the agent to source goods for you. The following tips should act as guiding tips to choose a good purchasing agent in China.

a.Formal Company

Chinese have to register with the Chinese government authorities and obtain a unique company registration number. If your agent is unable to provide you a unique company registration number, it’s too risky to continue dealing with them. To verify the registration number, visit their local administrative government website or contact their local Bureau of Industry Commerce.

b.Full Experience

The years of the agent has been in the market determines the scope of markets and products they have helpful information and resources. Sometimes you may want a certain product but you do not understand the packaging and their prices, the experienced sourcing agent should have the right information of the brands, their distinctive qualities and pricing criteria for wholesale and retails for your reference. This information will help you to make an informed decision. And the experienced agent should be familiar with sourcing procedures and encounter different troubles in the previous work, so they can avoid some troubles and solve problems smoothly.

c. Industry Researching and Market Analysis

Regular industry researching and market analysis is very important step for starting a new business/products or improving a business. Before a new business, you must do detailed industry researching and market analysis. A good purchasing agent will give you some helpful suggestions according to their experience and opinions. Because the information they offered show whether they are sensitive to market and whether they have rich resources. And a good purchasing agent will share with you industry, market and products information, those information maybe evoke you new ideas in business.

d. Factory Audit and Quality Inspection

A Factory Audit and Quality Inspection are very important before any order is locked in because it will save the buyer from potential troubles, money loss, disappointments and business failure. Thus, accurate and concrete information are needed when selecting an agent. For example, whether your agent will do factory audit by themselves and whether your agent do pre-production inspection, mid-production inspection and pre-shipment inspection. Or whether your agent help you to arrange the third party to do factory audit or quality inspection. The information will help you determine if they are the right agency to cooperate with.


Communication is also very important in international trade. A good purchasing agent should have a good communication skill which make sure get your point clearly. And a comfortable and smooth communication will bring a pleasant and tacit cooperation experience, and also can get twofold results with half effort.Fast reaction and solution suggestions also shows the agents’ the responsibility and professional ability.

f. Shipment Procedures

Finally, if you have no shipping agent in China, a good purchasing agent should understand China’s customs and duty rules better than you as the buyer do. This means that the agent should give you a clear procedure on how the goods ship in the most suitable way with the best shipping freight.

The above is how to choose a reliable sourcing agent according to our experience, just for your reference. Hope you can choose your right sourcing agent to achieve win-win.